Thursday, August 24, 2017

Moving On Up!

About 2 weeks ago Cy got promoted to the Astros AAA team in Fresno, CA! We definitely didn't see it coming and were so surprised and excited. I was actually at home with our host family watching a movie when Cy called. I figured he was calling to see if there was any leftovers from dinner he could eat rather than eating at the field lol! But surprise, he was getting moved up! After Cy got home (around 11pm) and the initial shock wore off, we got our plans together. He had a flight out to meet up with the team in Albuquerque the next morning, so we hurried and got his things packed up to hit the road. His first outing was in Fresno, and his aunt and cousins were able to make the trip!

I stayed back in Corpus for almost a week longer. For one, there is always a chance of getting moved back down lol! Two, I needed to pack up everything else and figure out my own plans. It was great to have a few days to get everything wrapped up and say goodbye to our wonderful host family. I can never express how grateful and truly blessed we have been by the amazing families that have so generously let us into their homes and lives over the past 3 seasons, and it never gets easier to say goodbye when the time comes.

After I got everything packed up, I headed north to Fort Worth to spend a couple nights with my sister at my grandparents house! It was great to get a little bit of time to visit with Haley, I haven't seen her since her wedding in March. From there, she took me to the airport and I flew to Reno to meet up with Cy!!

Most of Cy's family lives near enough to drive to Reno, so it was nice to get to see everyone and for them to be able to see him pitch. He had a GREAT outing and it was fun to have family and friends there to see it!

The team only had 7 home games left at the time Cy was promoted, so I am just meeting up with him on road trips to finish out the season. It is definitely hard to be spending more time apart than together this month, since that is not what we are used to, but thankfully it is just for a short time and offseason is just around the corner.
I was FREEZING. Definitely not in South Texas anymore!!!
I am beyond proud of how hard Cy has worked this season, and so thankful that he is able to continue his baseball career at another level up!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Han

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