Thursday, June 2, 2016

Road Trippin

Last season, I think I made 2 or three road trips total. In Wisconsin, the trips were almost all really long distances and there wasn't another married couple to room with, so going on a trip also meant paying for a separate hotel room which gets pricey quick! In Florida, the vast majority of the trips were just day trips, since most of the teams are located very close to one another.

This season, I am traveling quite a bit. It helps that we have family and friends throughout the league, so I have places to stop and break up the longer drives- and people to see! So far, I have made trips to Tulsa, Frisco, and San Antonio, and been to Dallas a few times in between. 

The drive from Corpus to Dallas is right around 6 hours, which is an easy little day trip. Crazy to think that before we got married I had never driven more than 3 hours by myself and here I am today saying 6 hours is no problem ;) I have figured out a pretty good routine for myself on these drives though!

1. Plan your stops. When I drive to Dallas, I plan to stop at Buccee's in Temple for the bathroom, and Chickfila in Waco to eat. Planning your stops in advance is really important, especially as a woman traveling alone, because you can make sure to choose nice and safe areas.

2. Plan your entertainment. I know that I can listen to music for about 2 hours before it starts to get boring! I have a Spotify "Road Trip" playlist I am always adding to, here it is if you would like to listen.

Once I have maxed out on listening to music I switch over to podcasts. There are SO MANY interesting podcasts on so many subjects that  you can listen to! Here are some of my favorites, they are all free on iTunes in the podcast app:

- Revive Our Hearts
- Serial
- Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
- Stuff You Should Know
- This American Life

3. Use the time to make phone calls! I almost always talk to my parents, my best friend Courtney (we talk on the phone every day anyway, but still!), and my mother in law when I make long drives. It is always nice to have a nice long chat with the people you love!

4. Pack a water bottle and a snack. Just in case!

5. Essential oils. I have a car diffuser and I love to add a couple drops of peppermint and wild orange essential oils to keep me feeling awake and refreshed throughout the drive!

I have been home for 2 straight weeks now, which I think might be the longest I have stayed put all season! We go on the road again June 15th and will be in Frisco- if you are a Dallas friend I would love to see you at a game!!

Thanks for reading :)
- Han

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