Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello Again!

Wow I really let time slip right on by and neglected this little online space! Since *several* family members have asked me when my next blog post is coming, I figure I need to actually get it done ha! Here's what we have been up to...

Spring training was great! Cy got to back up the bullpen for the big league team a couple times and was able to go on the Astros trip to Mexico City for an exhibition game against the Padres- such a cool experience for him. It was great to get acquainted with our new organization, Cy has some awesome teammates and is really enjoying being with the Astros all in all.

I have been a busy little bee working and loving my job! During the offseason I started working as a personal assistant. I work for two wonderful women who have become great friends to me, it is so much fun! And I do all of my work remotely, which is a huge blessing.

Cy was assigned to AA in Corpus Christi! It is super exciting to be moved up a level from where we ended last season- I am so proud of Cy for working hard and aiming high. It is equally exciting to be playing in Texas where we are able to see our family often! A few weeks ago we had a series in Tulsa and got to spend time with my brother and sister in law Zeb and Jamie, which is always so wonderful! And on the way there I was able to stop and visit with two of my best friends in Dallas (Jen and Melissa) and then visit with my grandparents on the way home as well. Last weekend we had a series in Frisco, TX and over THIRTY of our family and friends came to see Cy pitch, it was amazing and means so much to have that support system!

He has been throwing very well so far, which is also fun ;) There are several married guys on the team, and there are 4 wives who will be in Corpus full time this season in addition to the many others who will be in and out visiting! We are living with a wonderful host family- so thankful for the Lords provision in that! All in all, life is great in south Texas thus far ;) Here is a link to a fun article on Cy from this week {click here}

This month will mark a year and a half of marriage for us, crazy how time flies! I love being married to Cy. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, for sure, but it is really something special to get to go through this life together. Life is fun when you're married to your best friend!

I'll wrap this up with some pictures!

Cy in Corpus- Photo by Tammy Tucker

Cy pitching at Whataburger (for you non-texans, thats pronounced water-burger) Field - Corpus Christi

Dallas trip- Melissa's birthday GNO!! Such a fun night!!
At the game with Jamie and Zeb- Love love love!!!

ONEOK Field in Tulsa
With my family in Frisco @ Dr Pepper Park

My uncles, cousins, & Haley in Frisco


My favorite person to watch baseball with- my sister!!

 Thanks for sticking with me! I will try to do better about posting regularly, now that the season is in full swing ;)

- Han


  1. I'm glad things are good and you have lots of great company! It's nice to have a job you love, isn't it? Keep up the good work, Mr. Sneed. :)

  2. That's very cool he got a chance to go to Mexico City
    So nice to be around family. Best of luck to CY this season, hope he will get called up to AAA and the Majors!!! I have been an Astros fan for 34 years

    Happy Anniversary to y'all