Thursday, May 19, 2016

Glorious, Glorious Off Day

Off days are the BEST DAYS.

However, they are few and far between. From the start of spring training (late February) to the end of the season (early September, not including post season) there is a baseball game almost every single day. No weekends off. They are required to have an off day about once a month, but this season about 90% of those are spent on a bus, traveling to the next series.

So far this season we have had one true honest to goodness off day not influenced by travel. In two months! Crazy stuff! It was the week before last, and we loved every minute.

We started the day just sleeping in and having breakfast and coffee. We love mornings together!

Next, we headed to the Texas State Aquarium- thanks to the Hooks front office for the tickets! We spent a couple hours there and could definitely go back! It was super cool to see and learn about all of the different fish and critters they have there. We absolutely LOVE going to zoos, aquariums, and whatnot. Here is a little video/slideshow:

After the Aquarium, we headed to Hester's in the Art Museum of South Texas. Hester's is a great local restaurant with several locations in Corpus- I've heard their breakfast is to die for but I haven't gotten there early yet! Cy had the Olivia pasta and I had their mushroom soup with a side house salad. Didn't take any pics because we were too busy being google-eyed at each other apparently! But it was SO good. SO GOOD. 

Then we headed over to the other side of Corpus and stopped in at Starbucks for frappucino happy hour. Usually we both just take our coffee black with a little bit of sugar, however... One day in college when we were dating, Cy and I went to go wash his truck and it was right by Starbucks during the annual frappucino happy hour so we got a drink. Ever since, Cy has talked about how good "that one drink we had" was. So he had a caramel frappucino once again on our off day, three years later haha! 

After Starbucks, we had to stop in at a body shop. A blown out tire was kicked up into me a little while back and it scratched up the front of my car, so we had to get an estimate for insurance. Yay adulthood!!! Thankfully the damage was just cosmetic and it didn't make my airbag deploy or anything like that while I was driving. The body shop took a lot less time than we anticipated, so we headed to the mall to walk around a do a little people watching before we were ready for dinner. Seriously we are so boring ;) But we love it!

After we had walked the whole mall and worked up an appetite, we headed to dinner. It is pretty rare for us to actually have dinner together since Cy goes to the field at 1:30 and usually gets home after 10- a dinner date is a treat ;) We had a coupon for a free appetizer at Longhorn Steakhouse so obviously that is where we went! Major carnivores over here. It was delicious, of course!

All in all, it was a super refreshing, low-key day and exactly what we needed :)

Thanks for reading!
- Han

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  1. That sounds/looks like a wonderful day! It's nice to have a full day with the one you love.