Monday, February 29, 2016

Time Flies!! Offseason Recap

on the road again!
How on earth is it spring training time already? I truly have no idea how the offseason flew by so fast. We are currently in Florida for spring training, and on the drive here we couldn't stop remarking on how it seemed like we had just barely left.

The offseason was soo good to us. We lived in Dallas with two roommates (MiLB life, y'all!) Dan and Nash, who were Cy's teammates at DBU and now play with the Indians and Blue Jays, respectively. We all had such a great time living together! Dan and Nash both have the sweetest girlfriends, so it was fun to all hang out. About a month before we left, our newlywed friends Drew and Kassie flew down to Dallas to get ready for spring training and stayed with us a bit too. It truly was SO fun having everyone together! PLUS my sister Haley was literally 4 minutes from us on campus at DBU, so we saw her pretty much every day- I couldn't ask for anything better!

Of course, by now you probably know that in November Cy got traded from the Brewers to the Astros! So that brought an exciting change to our life :) So far we are loving our new organization, and it seems to be a perfect fit for Cy.

I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Communication Theory in December, and started working as a personal assistant shortly thereafter. This job is absolutely fantastic because it is ALL ONLINE! My bosses live in Delaware and I do all of my work remotely. Perfection!

We spent Christmas with my family in Alaska, and it was wonderful. Christmas at home is so special for me! We had a good amount of snow, which is always fun. We got to participate in Bethlehem Revisited, which is a production my parents church puts on every other year. Everyone in the church dresses up and gets into character, and they set up a huge area outside that is made to look like the streets of Bethlehem at the time Jesus was born. The community loves it! We also got to spend time with my lifelong best friend Courtney, her fiancé Dawson, and their perfect little boy (my godson) Cohen. Living away from home gets exponentially harder when you become an auntie ;)

This offseason also brought several weddings! After Christmas we headed to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for Drew and Kassie's wedding, it was so gorgeous and SO MUCH FUN! The whole bridal party was filled with couples and best friends, so it was just a nonstop party- I wish we could do it again!

Looyenga Photography
The next weekend back in Dallas, I had the honor of doing my sweet sorority sister Chelsea's hair and makeup for her wedding. She was SUCH a gracious and joy-filled bride!

Elisabeth Carol Photography

The next two weekends were dedicated to my college roommate & bestie Sedona's bachelorette party and wedding! I did Sedona's hair and makeup for her first date with Cash our freshman year, and it was so surreal to finally be doing it again for their WEDDING! It was so much fun celebrating with our besties, Sedona's day was a dream.

Cottonwood Road Photography

Cottonwood Road Photography (via instagram)

After getting back to our normal when the month of weddings quieted down, we only had about a month left of offseason and Cy started really getting down to business with his training and prep for the season. DBU baseball had their alumni game and opening weekend before we left, and it was so much fun getting to visit with all of our college baseball crew!

My brother and sister in law came to visit the weekend before we left, and we had SO much fun just hanging out and laughing together before we all head out in different directions for the season. Jamie, Kassie, and I made a super quick trip to Magnolia Market in Waco too!

All in all, our offseason was fantastic. And while it went by way too fast, I am so excited to get this next season rolling! We are in Kissimme, living with an INCREDIBLE host family, and excited to be making new friends with our new team. Cy is one of only a small handful ofpitchers invited to micro camp (super exciting!) and is enjoying it a lot, and full minor league camp will start on the 9th.

Thanks for bearing with my sporadic blogging in the offseason and keeping up with our wild life :)

kiss kiss, Hannah