Saturday, November 21, 2015


In baseball, we all live with the knowledge that everything can change at any moment. Injuries, moves, trades, getting released.. It's all possible, and all beyond our control. But just because we know that it is possible certainly doesn't mean we are prepared when it does!

For the last couple weeks, I had been feeling really content that our offseason has been so low-key and quiet. Cy didn't have to go to instructs or any mini camps, so (aside from his workouts and such) baseball was kinda off the brain.

Thursday afternoon, we were sitting on our couch doing homework. Cy got a phone call from a Milwaukee number, which isn't unusual- he has to report on how his workouts are going and stuff. But this call sounded different. About 15 seconds in, I figured he was getting informed that he was selected to be drug tested haha! But then he pulled the phone away and said,

"I just got traded... Astros!"

WHAT?! Traded?! We were both completely shocked! We didn't know any details of who else the trade involved, and it hadn't been made public yet, so we were really curious to find out more.

But... My heart fell to the floor when it hit me that this trade wouldn't just take us to a new team, it also take me away from the girls I had built friendships with this year. The first person I texted was Catherine, my baseball wife BFF. We were the only wives who stayed full time at High A this season and spent nearly every day together. We were already looking forward to next season, so the news that we wouldn't be together anymore hit hard. But that's the nature of this game, it forces you to grow roots quickly even though you know they could get ripped up even faster. I wouldn't change it though, it is so worth it to be open and build these cherished friendships, and I look forward to meeting the wonderful women in the Astros org!

We texted our families to tell them the news, googled where the Astros MiLB teams and spring training are, and shortly thereafter word of the trade came out. The Astros traded one of their big league infielders to the Brewers in exchange for Cy, which is pretty cool! He got some calls from a few of the Astros staff throughout that day and the next, and it is so cool and encouraging to hear how excited they are to have him joining their organization.

So, here's a breakdown of what this trade means for us. (You can refer back to this post for an overview of the minor league system) Cy is now employed by the Houston Astros, and is working his way up through their minor league system. He isn't on the big league team, so don't go buying season tickets just yet ;) Here are the MiLB teams that comprise the Astros system:

We don't know what level he will play at next season, and likely won't until Spring Training (he ended this season in Advanced A, for reference). The Astros spring training is in Kissimmee, Florida- quite a change from where we were last year in Phoenix (which I will also miss, particularly my sweet friend Aubrey)! BUT we are SO excited we will close to our dear friends/host family from this past season in Viera :)

We truly loved the Brewers, they gave Cy his start in professional baseball and brought us some incredible friendships. But, their minor league is filled with lots of good arms, and their prospect list is deep, so being in a new organization could mean more exposure for Cy, and greater opportunities to move up faster. The Astros have an incredible pitching program (hello, Dallas Keuchel just won the Cy Young award!!), so this is a great fit!

Change can be hard, but this is a wonderful opportunity and we are excited. I am so thankful that Cy gets to play the game he loves, and that it keeps us on our toes. Here's to a new chapter in our baseball adventure- Let's go Astros!


  1. Congrats to CY!!! I am a HUGE Astros fan (for 34 years). Hopefully next season he will be in the big league

    Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thank you Kelly! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Excited for you guys with all these exciting changes ahead!! Have a good holiday week, lady!

    1. Never a dull moment, apparently! Can't wait to see your fabulous Thanksgiving posts ;)