Monday, October 26, 2015

Welcome to My Frontier!

If you know me, you know I love the Pioneer Woman. She is cute, hilarious, and makes great food. If you are looking for a good recipe, she's  your gal.

Thanks to Cy's aunt Sugar, I get to pretend I'm a pioneer woman myself sometimes. Sugar lives on a cattle ranch in East Texas. It is absolutely blissful out there, and we love getting out to visit and relax. She recently took a couple of their bulls to the PBR Finals in Vegas, so Cy and I headed out to the ranch to stay with his 15 year old cousin and enjoy some quiet time.

Cy's Grandma Brenda flew down from California for the second half of the trip, and my sister Haley even drove down from Dallas for a night, so we had a great time all together! We all enjoyed the fresh air, peaceful country life, plenty of good food, and family time.

We also got over 20 inches of rain, thanks to Hurricane Patricia.... Crazy!

One of the best things about visiting the ranch is it forces me to be still. I can easily get wrapped up in the distractions my own agenda and get burned out on being busy and not putting time into my own spiritual health. A few weeks ago, Bethany (Dillon) Barnard sang her song "To Those Who Wait" at church, and it really stuck with me. Often I focus on all of the things I need to do- things at home, schoolwork, investing in relationships, writing, etc., and I forget that the most valuable thing I can do is simply wait, because when I am quiet and slow down enough to listen, that is when I can hear what God is trying to say to me and see what He is doing in my life. Listen to the song below, and take a little time this week to be still and wait. It is so refreshing!

Have a great week!

Kiss kiss, Han.


  1. The ranch looks gorgeous! Can't beat that uninterrupted quiet time!

    Love the Pioneer Woman too :)

  2. This is so great! What a neat place to retreat and relax!