Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Thursday, Y'all

Oh hey there. Long time no talk! At least it seems like it haha. With the seasons end rapidly approaching, I haven't felt very motivated to blog. I do have some fun offseason post ideas rolling though, so stay tuned ;)

Another gorgeous FL sunset
Not much new to report here. Cy has continued to throw well, our host family continues to be awesome, Florida continues to be hot, humid, and lizard-filled. Cy and I did start classes last week though! I am taking my last 3 classes required to graduate in December.... whaaaat! After an extra (almost) year of taking just a couple classes at a time in order to stretch my senior year as long as possible... the end is finally in front of me. Cy is taking 17 hours this semester, and will do the same next fall to graduate in December 2016. S/O to DBU for having such flexible online programs!

Catherine and I had a fun little change of pace on Tuesday night, during game 2 of (yet another) doubleheader, the radio broadcast guys had us come join them on air for an inning! We had fun sharing a little bit of what baseball wife life has looked like for us this season. Unfortunately, I can't find an archive anywhere. But my mom was listening so that counts ;) **Side note- check out Catherine's jewelry business on Facebook and instagram - she makes incredible pieces!**

It's crazy how fast this season has flown by! I'm sure I will sit down and give a full recap once we get back and settled in. The final game of the season is on Sunday, and we will be heading back to good ol' Texas next Tuesday for the offseason. We are renting an apartment with two of Cy's former teammates from college, so I'll be putting my mom/housewife skills to the test for sure! It will be a lot of fun though, we are pumped to be living with our friends :)

That's all I have for now. Hope you are having a great week! Here's a little music to get you through to the weekend- I am loving this song lately.

Love as always, Han

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