Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Litte Hiatus

Well hello again! I guess I accidentally took a little break from blogging, and it's been pretty nice. After the long season, I was just tired. Getting back to Dallas and having time to rest and simply enjoy our time together and with friends has been the priority, so once I finish my classwork I'm usually ready to not touch my computer for the rest of the day. I do plan to get back into the swing of posting regularly within the next couple weeks, so bear with me!

A quick update:

- We are back in Dallas for the offseason, and living in an apartment with two of Cy's college buddies who play pro ball now too. It's fun!

- We have kept pretty busy making trips to visit family, we have missed our tribe.

- I have been doing a good bit of wedding related activities, 3 of my best friends are getting married in 2016!

- We left my car in TX for the season, and it got totaled by a hailstorm. So we are currently looking for a replacement. Cy is super specific on what he is wanting, so its a process ;)

- Cy is taking 17 hours of school with plans to graduate next December. He is busy for sure, but very good at managing his time and getting everything done. Proud of that guy!

- I'm taking my final 3 classes and will graduate in December!!! So close!

- I finally took the plunge and got rid of the rest of the blonde that was lingering in my hair (I'm a natural brunette but went blonde for my first 2 years of college... holy upkeep haha)... Now I'm back to the dark side ;)

- Cy has been taking a full rest to let his body recover after the season, he will start back into working out and stuff very soon though to get the ball rolling for next season. (It never ends!)

Short and sweet ;) I've gotta get back to my homework now, but I will be back on the blogging grind before too long.  I really do have some fun ideas for posts... I just haven't felt like getting it done yet haha.

Thanks for following along on our little baseball adventure!

xo, Hannah


  1. Thanks for the update! I'm glad you're enjoying your "downtime". Good luck to both of you on your school work and resting.

  2. I can't believe your car got totalled from hail!! Enjoy the offseason!

  3. So happy you guys are into the off-season and enjoying your time together!!