Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Article

The title of this post makes it sound so dramatic. But hey, I'm not dramatic at all..... ;) Anyway, the ballpark here puts out a program each month that lists all the players and coaches bios, advertisements from sponsors, and includes an article or two. Cy and I were asked to be the featured article for August! This is the first time anyone decided to ask for my input on anything like this, so I was super excited for my 5 minutes of fame.... ha! Since this is a print feature and not online, you'll have to bear with me and read it from these (admittedly low quality) pictures. Hope you enjoy getting another perspective on our journey this season!

xo, Han


  1. This is awesome!! So happy for y'all :)

  2. This is a very great article!!!

  3. Congrats on this special memory for you both!! How nice!! This will be such a great keepsake :)