Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the Road Again

This past weekend I hit the road and went to Dunedin for the weekend series! I usually don't go on road trips, since hotels and eating out gets really expensive really fast. However, there was an extra room for this trip due to an odd number of people traveling with the team, so Cy got to stay in the empty room which means I could come along without us having to pay for an extra room! (yikes how many times do I need to say "room" in one sentence?!) Anyway, it was nice to have a couple nights away together.

The left for Dunedin on Friday morning, and I headed out later in the afternoon in order to get to the game a little after it started. On the way, I drove right past Disneyworld. That was the closest I have ever been, and not stopping was tragic. One day!! Once I arrived in Dunedin, I stopped at Five Guys for a quick dinner before the game... I was craving a burger, and ballpark food generally just not the best (unless you're at the Timber Rattlers stadium, then go upstairs to the Fox Club where everything is delicious). At the game, I fortunately ended up sitting by a couple girlfriends and fiancee's from the other team who were super friendly, it was great to meet some other baseball girls and not sit alone!

On Saturday morning, we slept in nice and late, then walked a couple doors down the road to Lenny's, a fun little local breakfast joint. The food was good and the place was hopping, worth a try if you're in Clearwater! We came back to the hotel and just relaxed, our usual pitching day routine. After Cy headed to the field, I got some off-season planning done and ate a bite before heading to the game.

Cy had an incredible start! He pitched 7 innings, and only have up 1 earned run and 3 hits. He also tied his career high 8 strikeouts. He also got to pitch to his former college teammate, Boomer Collins, which was super cool. It is really fun to watch Cy in his element, super focused and intent on giving his absolute best! Being able to experience this season with him has been really fulfilling for me.

Sunday I headed back to Viera, I decided to come home earlier in the day instead of drive late at night after the game. Side note, if you're driving in Florida, make sure you have change on hand to pay for the toll roads! Anyway, it was a fun little trip and I'm thankful I got to go along and see Cy pitch.

He comes home tomorrow, YAY, and then next week they have another 6 day trip, and then just a few commuter series' to end the season... I can't believe it has gone by so fast!!

Hope y'all are having a great week :)

xo, Han

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  1. Glad it was such a successful and fun weekend!! Not too much longer until you guys are enjoying the off season together :)