Monday, July 27, 2015

The Baseball Sisterhood

So on the 16th I turned 23, woohoo! Conveniently, that same weekend 8-ish other wives, fiancees, and girlfriends came to town for a visit- there is nothing like spending time with other baseball girls! Catherine and I are the only "full timers" here, but we do have a couple others who have made more extended visits, which is really nice. But having soo many girls come to town for the same weekend?! What a treat!

The girls started arriving on Wednesday, so between ball games and beach trips everybody had a great start to the weekend, but Friday night everyone arrived so we planned for the big fun to happen then! A local restaurant (Uno's) hosted a special ladies night for us before the game- great food and drink specials, and even fun DIY wine glass painting, such a treat! Uno's also donated a portion of our total to St Baldricks, since the team was doing a charity event with them that weekend. From there,  we headed to the game where the GM had set aside a suite for us that night. We had such a great time laughing and joking and cheering on our guys together over the weekend.

I feel like a lot of people probably think that every day in the life of a baseball wife looks like our big weekend did, but it really doesn't. We share the fun moments on social media and life looks like one big fiesta. The reality is, most of us spend most of our days alone, no makeup, in shorts and a tshirt. And the girls who are long distance and have careers have a totally different lifestyle too, being apart for weeks at a time and having to hold down the fort at home all alone. Plus, there is the constant fact that an injury, trade, move up or move down could happen at any time, so it can be hard to let yourself feel settled. That's why community is so important, to have those people you can open up to and be honest and vulnerable with when things aren't so fun, and celebrate with when things are great! This really applies to everyone, not just baseball girls- make friends. Value community. Don't let yourself be isolated.

It is amazing how there is an instant bond between us when baseball girls meet, simply because we *get* it. Even with girls I've only ever "met" online via twitter or the Facebook page have become such great sources of support and friendship, it is truly amazing and such a blessing. This lifestyle is weird and can get lonely, but being in community with other people who understand is so valuable. My advice to any girls new to the baseball life- just put yourself out there and connect with other wives and girlfriends! (seriously email me let's be friends) It makes SUCH a huge difference.

xo, Han

*PS- go to the "Baseball" tab at the top of the page, I have linked some resources for baseball ladies.


  1. My husband had never travelled too much for baseball but connecting with other wives and girlfriends at games was always my favourite part!! I love the baseball community.

  2. I love that you have this sweet group of ladies to do life with while you enjoy your husbands' successes!

  3. So nice to have a community of wives who are going through the same thing as you are! :)