Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Training Wrap Up

We only have 3 more days in Phoenix... WHAT?! Our first Spring Training is just about over, and it has been a blast. Cy has one last outing on Sunday and on Monday everyone will head out to their team for the season.

I have had such a great time going to games and making new friends here. I finally got to visit with my "blog friend" Aubrey after 3 years of following each other online (she also designed our wedding invites!). We got together for lunch one of my first days here and a couple days later she invited me to hang out at her house while Cy was at work. I am so thankful for how she reached out and was so welcoming! Meeting other baseball wives has been SO great also! It's really fun to meet people in real life that I have been "online friends" with for the last year. The second week of ST, I had breakfast and saw Cinderella with Angie and Laura. Angie's husband Storm played in the big leagues for over a decade and is now a pitching coach with the Cubs, and Laura's fiance is an infielder with the Cubs as well. This week I also got to have some girl time with Mandy, whose boyfriend plays for the Dodgers! So fun. 

Angie brought us princess crowns to wear to Cinderella- too fun!
One of my fellow Brewers wives Jackie spent a week visiting and we hit it off right away. We are first born, Jesus loving, communication majors and it felt like we had been friends our whole lives! I was so sad when she went home, but hopefully our guys will end up on the same team this season (we managed to not take a single picture together either, oops). While Jackie was here, we went to a Wives Luncheon hosted by Baseball Chapel and Pro Athlete Outreach. It was so refreshing to get together with a group of women who live this life and hear biblical truth to keep us grounded. At the luncheon, I finally got to meet Bess (A's) and Martha Kate (Giants), as well as many other wonderful ladies! I am so thankful for that opportunity to build relationships and community. 

Photo by Alyssa Bajenaru, wife of DBacks coach

This week we had a blissful and oh-so-rare OFF DAY!!! If you didn't know, baseball players have games every single day in season. Yes, Monday through Sunday. They get an off day about once a month, but sometimes they're actually traveling on their day off. So we decided to do it big and spend our day racing go karts and eating great food! Cy had to get something done on the truck in the morning and I went for a run, then we had lunch at the best hole in the wall BBQ place ever, Texas BBQ House. Seriously the best brisket I have ever eaten! 

Then we headed to K1 Speed and did 3 races. It was a BLAST!! I even got a little bit of road rage when some punk kept cutting me off and not letting me pass- which is illegal! But seriously it was really fun. After that, we headed to the mall so I could get a new pair of running shoes (I ended up with the Brooks Launch 2). Then we ended the day by meeting up with our sweet friend Michael Smith, who played at DBU with Cy and is now with the Angels, for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (yeah, lots of Texas haha). It was a fantastic, fun-filled day.

Now the million dollar question... Where will we go next?! Well the good news is, we found out yesterday!! The bad news is, rosters haven't been made public yet (and things could still change) so I can't say anything until it's official on Monday (I know, I'm the worst.) I promise to share all about it then :) Cy will fly out early Monday morning, and my dad is planning to fly down to PHX sometime Monday to hit the road with me early Tuesday morning. I am SO thankful he is coming to drive with me, 30+ hours of driving alone was not the most exciting prospect haha. 

The last week of Spring Training is the most stressful for families. As I have mentioned before, there are 5 levels in the minor league system, and the roster assignments aren't made until pretty much the last minute. We had a good idea of where we might end up, but anything can happen in baseball. It was pretty hectic not knowing where we would be moving in less than a week! My friend Cayte still doesn't know where they're going, and they leave Sunday.. yeah, thats in 2 days. Crazy. Someone shared this on the wives and girlfriends page and it is so hilarious and accurate.


It's crazy and can be stressful at times, but it sure is a fun adventure. I am so thankful that this baseball life is where God has called us to be!

Thanks for following along, I love sharing updates here!
See ya Monday ;)
xo, Hannah


  1. It looks like you've had such a great time and met some great ladies to keep you company! Off days must be the best ever!! At least you're finally at the end of the spring training journey and know where you're headed!!

    1. For sure!! We weren't expecting any off days at spring training, I was THRILLED when we found out haha!

  2. tell me you got to meet baby emery & brutus!!

  3. Sounds like a great spring training! I see Cy's team plays Kane County a few times -I'm not far from there. Wishing you two a great season! Hugs