Friday, February 13, 2015

Warby Parker Review

Hey friends!

So now that I'm all grown up and married, I've been thinking it's time to start doing grown up things like wearing prescription sunglasses (Is that actually a thing? I just always assumed that's what grown-ups do because my mom has them...) But mostly I wanted a pair because the majority of my time is about be spent either driving or at a baseball game. Generally, both of those situations call for both sunnies and corrective lenses, so why not combine! Since going to a store and picking out frames and lenses can be stressful and expensive, I decided to take my search online. I have previously had success ordering from (same company as 1-800-Contacts who I love!) but they didn't have anything I particularly loved in my price range (MiLB budget, y'all.)

Enter Warby Parker.

Warby Parker offers designer quality glasses at a more reasonable price point. They also donate money for each pair of glasses sold to provide a pair of glasses to someone in need around the world! What really was the winner for me is that they offer a free Home Try-On service. Win win win.

So I hopped online and picked out 5 pairs of sunglasses, and a few short days later they arrived in my mailbox. And then my wonderful husband so kindly snapped some pics so I could share my experience with y'all here ;)

The box was so cute- I am a sucker for cute/fun packaging.

1. Haskell in burnt lemon tortoise
I definitely lean towards oversized frames, and these are a bit too trendy for my taste. They are super lightweight though!

2. Piper in woodland tortoise
These are the perfect lens size for me, and the slight cat-eye shape is so fun. 

3. Raglan in pearled tortoise
These are a great shape and size, and incredibly lightweight for being a large frame!

4. Reilly in whiskey tortoise
I looove the dark frame color and the lens shape of these!

5. Quimby in aurora
These are super lightweight and comfortable, but way way to trendy for me. 

And the winner is....... #4, Reilly! The dark understated yet still oversized frames were perfect for me. I sent back the trial box, hopped online and ordered my frames, and they arrived less than a week later. I love them! 

Overall, the quality and convenience of Warby Parker is awesome. I loved the ability to try on the sunglasses in my own home to get a better feel of what I like! All of the pairs I tried on were priced at $150 with prescription lenses (and since my insurance will reimburse $100, it's a great option!) If you're looking for a new pair of glasses or shades, see if Warby Parker has something you like!


*Disclaimer: Warby Parker has absolutely no idea who I am, I was in no way endorsed for my opinions here :)