Monday, December 8, 2014

Our First Home

Hi friends!

I hope your week is off to a great start. We had a pretty fun weekend. Friday, I officially changed my name at the Social Security Office and we celebrated our 1 month anniversary! We had dinner at BJ's and then bought a movie (we don't have TV or internet, so if we want to watch a movie it has to be a regular old DVD- which is fine, we love quality time!). Saturday I visited my former roommate's new apartment, and Sunday we had Haley over for dinner. Perfection!

My "take the freaking picture, I want to eat" face.

SO the subject of today's post… Our apartment! I was contacted by Compass (a NYC real estate platform offering personal service for finding a perfect starter home) to share a little about our first home for a blog series they are doing, so exciting! If we ever find ourselves in the NYC area for baseball, Compass' services would be SO helpful.

Our little home- we live in a 1 bedroom apartment just a few minutes from DBU. I finally have it mostly decorated and we are feeling very settled in! So much of our decor and whatnot was given to us as wedding gifts, we love being surrounded by the physical evidence of how loved we are by so many wonderful people! 

This is the view when you walk in our front door. It's a cozy little space, perfect for the two of us!

This custom made frame was a wedding gift from Cy's dad and stepmom to hold our marriage license and some photos. We love the scriptures engraved and the symbolism of the triangle- both sides growing closer together as they grow closer to the Lord!

Our Christmas wall :)

The view from the doorway into the bedroom.

Our room is painted light grey with white, gold, black, and espresso accents. I wanted it to be a very peaceful space. 

No worries, we do have a bathroom (ha!) but I spaced on taking pics in there, maybe next time!

I hope y'all like what we have put together! We love being in our first little home together- making lots of memories here :) It will be sad when we have to pack it all up to leave for Spring Training, eek! But that just means making a new place "home" again next off season :)

Until next time,


  1. Hannah,

    Cutest apartment and I love love love your decorations! Such an exciting time for you both.

    Much love,

  2. I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted to frame their wedding license, Nikki thought I was crazy! I love your home decor, especially your bedroom!

  3. I love your gallery walls in your apartment!

  4. glad i found you via prayerful bloggers post on Facebook! following you now too! so fun that you are a baseball wife. my fiance is a sports announcer and knows all about your hubby and team!!! beautiful home and i love the Pioneer Woman too! Happy New Year!!