Friday, October 24, 2014

High 5 for Friday!

Hey friends! Once again, a month has gone by without me posting anything here. I'm the worst! Things have been CRAZY busy between school, work, and wedding prep!

Today I am linking up with Lauren and doing High Five for Friday! Here's a look at what I have been up to this week…

1. CY IS ON HIS WAY HOME LITERALLY RIGHT NOW!!!!! He will arrive in Dallas sometime tomorrow afternoon. Since June, we have spent a total of 2 weeks together, and I am BEYOND ready to have him home again. Being apart this long has been really hard, I am so thankful we are done with distance!

2. Our sweet friends Wesley and Emilee got married on Sunday! Wesley plays for the Brewers with Cy, and Emilee and I connected via Twitter right after the draft. It was so great to go through this first season of pro ball with friends who were also engaged! Having each other as a support system was a HUGE blessing and answer to prayer. Their wedding day was absolutely lovely! Shoutout to my sister for being my date since Cy was still at work ;)

3. I saw these adorable skeleton flamingoes the other day. I have no idea why I love them so much, but I think they're the funniest things I have ever seen. I plan to order/make some for next year for sure! 
Found a place to purchase, here

4. It's Rush Week for DBU Greek Life! Although I'm now alumni status, I still got so excited this week as my sisters went through the process of selecting new members for our sorority. Being a part of a sorority for the last 3 years taught me so much and led to some amazing friendships and memories! Since I know how hectic this week can be (I was the VP and then president, the stress is REAL) I made meals for some of the girls. It was a great was to not only ensure they actually had food (ha!) but also to get me back into the swing of cooking for more than one person.
Bid Night 2011 - Dinner at Joe T Garcia's
Wednesday's dinner - balsamic grilled chicken with rice and asparagus
5. And last but certainly not least….. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY CY AND I WILL SAY "I DO"!!!! I can hardly believe we are already SO close. I took my dress for final alterations this week and suddenly it felt so real! The past 5 months have absolutely flown by. I am absolutely 100% totally and completely thrilled and ready for the big day!

How has your week been? Leave a comment, and head over to Lauren's blog to check out other people sharing about their week!

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  1. Two weeks?! AHH! Get ready to have so much fun being married! It is better than being engaged by approximately 10000%! So excited for y'all. Blessings!