Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, Part 3: Get it booked!

Hi friends! I know it's been like a month since I posted last, forgive me! Between school starting and Cy coming home for a visit, I have been a little busy :) Currently, Cy is in Phoenix at the Brewers complex doing some rehab work on his arm. He developed bicep tendonitis at the end of his season, so they are just easing him back into throwing shape. As of today, they think he will be ready to start throwing again this weekend! PRAISE THE LORD!!

So the subject of this installment of Wedding Wednesday (only 6 more Wednesdays to go, ahh!) is choosing your vendors and locations! At first this can be a pretty overwhelming thought… There are just so many options! For me, it was pretty easy because I had a clear idea in mind, and didn't have time to do anything but just get moving. ;)

The first vendor I booked (3 months before Cy and I actually got engaged… haha!) was our photographer, the incredible Hannah Hagaman of Cottonwood Road Photography. I have been swooning over her work since she started her photography business. Hannah was actually a senior at DBU my freshman year, and we reconnected last year when I did hair for one of her best friends' weddings! Since then, she has recommended me as a stylist to several of her brides, so in addition to knowing that her final product is amazing, I had the opportunity to see her in action! It was important to me to pick a photographer that not only made incredible photos, but would bring joy and excitement to the big day- and Hannah is that and more! When considering who to hire for your wedding photography, start by asking around with any friends who recently got married. Then check out the websites of anyone they recommend to see what photography styles you are drawn to. Get in touch with various photogs and see what services are available for your date, and get your favorite person booked fast! Remember: your wedding day goes by fast, you want quality pictures to remember it by.

The second thing I booked was ceremony and reception venues. Since our wedding is in a town we don't live in, we had to find a church! The first place I looked at wasn't exactly ideal, so my cousin Donna recommended I look at the original First Baptist Decatur building, now home to Grace Baptist Church. As soon as I pulled up, I was in love. The church was built in 1904, and I love the vintage feel! The church also provides a wedding coordinator, and Megan has been SO helpful and kind to me in the planning process.

Since the church is older, it doesn't have much of a reception space. Thankfully, the Decatur Civic Center is a gorgeous facility just minutes away! My Granny had a surprise 85th birthday bash there for my Pawpaw a few years back, so we were familiar with the space. We went over and met with the director (Mrs. Sherwood is one of the SWEETEST ladies ever!) and quickly booked the venue! One great bonus is that the Civic Center has it's own catering company, so I didn't have to look any further for the food. Check and check, on to the next item!

Another important detail is your stationer. I choose to have a designer create my invitations and have them printed, and I am sooo thrilled with how they turned out! Aubrey is a lifestyle blogger and incredible web designer, so I contacted her to see if she might do my invites and she so kindly said yes! Whether you choose from a ready-made template or have something custom created, it's important to get this done step done early.

The last vendor I booked was the cake baker, Mrs. Berry. She is a high school teacher by day and a fabulous cake baker on the side, and was recommended to me by both Mrs. Sherwood at the Civic Center and my cousin Donna. I had actually had her cake before at my cousin Samuel's wedding, so I knew she had great stuff! I went ahead and booked, and we set up the cake tasting and "final decision making" appointment for when Cy was home a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, this woman is the queen of cakes!! We are sooo excited for what she is baking for our big day.

In addition to the vendors above, there are a couple other details to consider. For florals, I am so fortunate that one of my best friends has a ton of experience doing wedding flowers! We will be going to the flower market and picking out everything, and she will be making the bouquets and whatnot. For hair, one of my former roommates is a fabulous stylist and is coming up for the wedding. We are also SO fortunate to have some incredibly talented musicians for friends who have offered to do music at the ceremony. If you have talented friends, ask them for help with aspects of your wedding!

As you can see, most of my vendors were found through recommendations from other people. I cannot say enough that asking people around you for input can be the most helpful thing!!

To end this post, I'd like to share a few of our engagement photos! Hannah did an amazing job, and I am so excited for her to be capturing our wedding day as well! Be sure to check out Cottonwood Road Photography for more of her fabulous work :)

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  1. I love that shirt that looks like a baseball. Where did you get it? I"m so excited for you. So close.

    1. Thank you for all your sweet comments Jessa!! I got the shirt from one of those online daily deal sites haha, I will try to find the original source for ya :)

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