Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, Part 2: It's in the details

Life update: On the 26th, I moved into me and Cy's apartment! It's weird living alone for the first time EVER, so I am definitely excited for the wedding to be here so Cy can move in. Last Friday I finished up my online summer classes (praise the Lord!), and picked my mom up at the airport! She is here for a week helping me settle into the apartment and do wedding things, it's so great to have her here! So far, we have painted the bedroom, put together the dining set, and bought some of the home essentials. It's definitely feeling unfinished right now, but I have three months to make it feel like a home before the cutie pie himself moves in!

In some not so exciting news, Cy's team is on a road trip right now, and last night when they arrived to the field they found that their locker room had been broken into. Womp womp.  Both of Cy's gloves were stolen (one of which he got less than a week ago) along with many other guys gloves and sunglasses and whatnot. The team filed a police report, so hopefully some of the gloves are found or something, I'll report back if there's any updates. Baseball gloves are VERY expensive and VERY crucial for the players, so it is really tough that they will have to share until they can get new gloves, and then somehow get new gloves broken in and comfortable to use while playing. But as Cy said, "There's nothing we can do about it now, no need to waste time being angry, just gotta keep going." 


Now to the original subject of this post, WEDDING WEDNESDAY!

I have always been great with big ideas and overall goals and plans, but details are not my thing. (I took an aptitude test and the results said I would be a great CEO, score.)  So when I started wedding planning, it was a breeze to get the big "necessary for a wedding to happen" things like venues, dress, photographer, stationery, menu, and color scheme nailed down really fast. In fact, I had several of those things done before we were actually engaged…… oops ;)

But now I have arrived in the land of details- a terrain I rarely dare to venture into, as I can usually delegate that stuff to people who actually enjoy it. 

Luckily, I have some people in my life who are very organized and have been incredibly helpful in reminding me of details and helping me take my overall vision and zoom in on specific things that need to be planned (I'm looking at you, Jen and Amy!) Since my overall vision for the wedding is very simple and elegant, it is for sure easier to keep all of the details simple as well. It's just a bit of a brain workout for me to be thinking of so many little details at once. 

One thing that I'm currently stuck on is how to do the altar for the ceremony. The church we are getting married in is very old and filled with gorgeous stained glass windows, so I want to let that beauty speak for itself and not try to have other decor compete much. There is a beautiful stained glass window above the baptismal area, so I'd love to keep things simple so that can be accented as opposed to using an arch that could be distracting. We will have a little table for the unity ceremony, so I am leaning towards just having lots of florals throughout and keeping the details very minimal and clean looking. 

One thing that has been AWESOME is our premarital counseling! We have finished the 2 books we were assigned (The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn, and This Momentary Marriage by John Piper) and are now getting into doing the assignments and will start the actual discussion sessions when Cy is back in town. These are details that I love keeping up with! Cy and I both realize that marriage isn't some magical world where everything is perfect- it will be difficult sometimes! So we love that we going through a pretty rigorous premarital counseling course that is helping us prepare for everything that lies ahead and building a solid foundation for a lifelong marriage. 

So all in all, I am currently living in a world of centerpieces, specific decor for specific things, and accent pieces. I have had a few "Wow, this is really overwhelming" moments, but no major stress or breakdowns thus far. After all, even if the details aren't 100% perfect and the most fabulous of all time, I will still be marrying Cy, and that's what matters! 

Married friends- Do you have any details that snuck up on your at the last minute in your wedding planning? Leave me a comment!

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  1. That sucks about the gloves. We had a situation like that this season. My goal was to have everything done 4-6 weeks prior so if anything snuck up on me I could handle it without having a mental breakdown. Let me know if I can do anything to help or vent?